The BUZZ is everywhere you want to be at NECTR!  Consider this your location to find out what art installations, events, workshops, performances…are happening!  YOU are the creators of BUZZ.  Download the NECTR 2017 MAP!  Please send us the details here!

2017 Events! 





Aurora Flora Garden Picking Party The Field After Effigy Burn until End of NECTR

Field of Over 300 RGB LED Ambient Flowers

Come pick flowers! Wear them, put them in your camp, take them home, take them anywhere, take them away in a non-moopy fashion! Pick as many as your burning heart desires. Now they are your flowers.

 Birthday Party! Birthday Camp Saturday, 3:00pm Join us for our Fifth Annual Birthday Party to Celebrate your Birthday!!! Join this years PSYCHO-dellic themed clowns to break out your inner clown funkiness.
 Brunch Time!  Eggcellent! Camp Eggcellent! Saturday, 11am It will be a good time, what better way to make friends than by serving them some eggy  edible things around brunch time. We  had a great time at the Burn this year feeding  people that were passing by and are looking forward to doing it again at NECTR.  Our  gift to you is delicious scrambled eggs on a white tortilla (or as we call them edible  plates). As always we will blast Led  Zeppelin…errr Egg Zepplin to let burners know we  are open.
 Burnable Thing Ryan’s Famous  Feast will  burn at  midnight  (Saturday) Once the table is under the structure we will play music possibly have a ballet  ceremonially light the last last supper of the movable feast. This is a little bit  of a test run for the movable feast. The idea is that it’s a formal table on  wheels with the cooktop possibly some cooking supplies that people can  indulge their culinary senses and talk the big Nectr talks
 Clothing  Giveaway  Installation The Bee Hole  Ongoing

Come on up the hill to The Bee Hole for some clothing and random other goodies.

We’ll happily accept donations of clothing, costumes, accessories, bedding, and functional camping gear you are looking to give to our community. Also plastic and wooden clothing hangers are supper helpful! Keep in mind NECTR can get cold, so sweaters, long pants, and coats are typically hot items. Try to bring donations earlier in the event so everyone gets a chance to take a look before haul out.

Men’s and plus sizes clothing always seem to be greatly underrepresented at clothing swaps/giveaway camps. I’m excited to say this year The Bee Hole received an art grant to help supplement this gap in supply and demand!!

Leftover clothing will either be donated to Windham Area Interfaith Ministry in support of the homeless and those in need in Andover and its surrounding area or placed in storage for the following year’s event.

Dances with Balls Birthday Camp Ongoing Come play with my balls! Gaze upon the swing of my glowing orbs whilst they create a magical dance of mystical  patterns and  random chaos
 The Doctor  Moreau Sewing  Circle Satanic Goat Sacrifice Camp Saturday, 1-4pm Let your imagination run wild at Doctor Moreau’s Sewing Circle, as you piece together a truly special new best friend from our  collection of well-used stuffed animals. Scissors, stuffed animals and sewing kits will be provided. Come give an abandoned  plushie a second chance at love and affection and wings and a third head. Dice and splice to your hearts content and leave with  your own new Beast Folk reincarnate. Just try not to moop the stuffing.
 Henna Body Art &  Bindi  Extravaganza Esmeralda the WanderLOVE Wagon Saturday, afternoonish Henna & bindi are considered auspicious and traditionally used for special occasions-  and we can’t think of a better reason  to celebrate than our maiden voyage to NECTR!  Stop on by and let us decorate you in preparation for burn night.
Hot Dogs & Disco! New York Dangerous (A8 & The Field) Sunday, 2-4pm New York Dangerous, the Playa camp your mother warned you about, will be NECTRing with Sky Pirates this year. Come by our Camp across from A6-A10 for some great music all the time. Partake in our Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning and dance your doggie off at our Hot Dogs & Disco on Sunday afternoon.
 Introduction to sustainable clothing design Birthday Camp Sunday, 3pm  Learn how you can use sustainable natural fibers to make a cape!
 Leafy Art! Center Camp Ongoing Collect Fall foliage and participate in two different Autumn projects!  (1)  Preserve your leaves, let them dry, and return to paint them.  Create a collage  of leaf art with your fellow burners (2) Bring a clothing item and we’ll provide  the spray bleach so you can add permanent leaf shapes!
The Light Lounge The Universe Ongoing Come listen to chill beats and warm your bones in our heated lounge, while basking in the  glow of mesmerizing LED patterns
 Mostly Fake  Fortune Telling Esmeralda the WanderLOVE Wagon Ongoing Crystal balls, tarot cards, palm readings & runes- we’re bringing it all to predict your  future! But not really….we mostly have no  idea how to use any of these mystical  instruments. You’ll probably have better luck with the magic 8 ball. At least we’re  entertaining!
 Nevermore (and  other works) Near Dance Camp Ongoing

An experimental sound collage, Nevermore is a collection of 12 independent computer-driven speakers that generate complete soundscapes from randomly triggered collections of loops and samples. The soundscapes you hear are not recorded as a whole, but assembled from curated samples from various online archives and repositories. For example, the bird calls in Nevermore are sourced from field recordings hosted by the Macaulay Library of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The artist has done significant post-processing and tweaking of the random parameters to produce a coherent whole.

Participants are invited to press a button on the controller to choose a different soundscape. Please be gentle.

Pancakes! New York Dangerous (A8 & The Field) Saturday, 8-9am New York Dangerous, the Playa camp your mother warned you about, will be NECTRing with Sky Pirates this year. Come by our Camp across from A6-A10 for some great music all the time. Partake in our Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning and dance your doggie off at our Hot Dogs & Disco on Sunday afternoon.
 Pizza & Reiki Pizza & Reiki Ongoing New Haven’s finest pizza hits Mercury Drive at NECTR! Chef Relic grills homemade  pizza and offers a variety of toppings. Oh,  gee, is that line too long? Is waiting for your  pizza stressing you out? Seat yourself on PaintDragon’s zero gravity chair and let  her energy work skills soothe your pizza worries and much more.
Psychedelic clothing up cycling with plants Birthday Camp Sunday, 2pm Bring cloths or grab some at the Bee hole and use nature to make permanent marks.
Sanctuary The Far Corner of The Field Ongoing Our goal is to provide a peaceful space in which to offer peer support & counseling to individuals undergoing challenging psychedelic or psychological experiences. Upset about an art project? Need to vent about your campmates? Need to process a traumatizing experience? Overindulged and need a helping hand? Come to Sanctuary!
Shuttle of Lost Serotonin The Field Ongoing A small shuttle craft has crash landed in front of the Tavern of Lost Souls. It’s beleaguered crew stumbled out to reconnoiter the bizarre landscape in search of supplies and intoxicants. Once their ship has been refueled and restocked they will launch into the night sky leaving only a trail of ash and rusty fasteners.
 Splinters Bar Birthday Camp (Follow the  screams) Ongoing Splinters, the official bar of Birthday Camp… come enjoy some signature  drinks, cheap beers, clown tears, and squeeze cheese delicacies.
 Synergy Next to Sanctuary Ongoing A space to showcase art and hold workshops related to health and wellness.  It is a space where we can share knowledge and  contribute to the wellbeing  of our fellow burners. We’d like to offer workshops, classes, or lectures on  topics such as yoga,  meditation, mindfulness, alternative healing techniques,  art, performance art, esoteric practices like tarot card reading or  palmistry,  dream interpretation, philosophy, etc…
 Tavern of Lost  Souls The Field Ongoing Tavern of Lost Souls Happy Hour: Lights, Fire, Chaos
Toppling The False Self First Camp (By the River) Ongoing, Saturday 10am

Giant Jenga Game that represents the architecture of ego and true self. The game is played by answering questions or doing dares to experience a deeper connection to self vs. stories or labels about self. There is no winner to the game, it is purely experiential.

I will lead a conversation Saturday at 10am about consciousness and the nature of reality but the game is able to be played throughout the event.

 Twister  Rockclimbing Camp Homebrew Ongoing Come try your hand (and your feet for that matter!) at a fun game of twister on our rock climbing wall. Friendly competition and  creative teams are strongly encouraged.
Uncle Brother Daddy’s Rot-Yer-Teeth-Out Candy  Bin Birthday Camp Ongoing A cool breeze runs through the woods of Andover and carries with it the sounds of  childhood…. Is it? Could it be? Is that the  theme song from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers?  Follow the melody through the woods to find Uncle Brother Daddy’s Old Timey  Rot-Yer-  Teeth-Out Candy Bin. Let the sugary treats melt over your pearly whites until they become  stained and rot right out of  your skull!
Vermouth Tasting Birthday Camp Friday, 6pm Come visit the Splinters Bar @ Birthday Camp!
Day drink like a Spaniard with our home made Vermouth!
From the German Wermut, wormwood is were the name Vermouth comes from and is one of the ingredients of the fortified wine that goes into vermouth.
Try one of a dozen different batches at our first attempt at home made vermouth.
 Yes We Can! At YOUR Camp and Between M1&M2 Ongoing YES WE CAN. Drop aluminum cans at the sign. Fer fux sakes people – just EMPTY aluminum cans. Thanks! Or wait for Daily Pickups at theme camps (Fri, Sat, Sun).


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