NECTR is an outdoor camping experience detached from commodities and focused on art and community.  It is a participant driven experience in the woods where all the infrastructure before, during, and after is provided by the attendees.  Through self-expression, gifting, and immediacy – it is meant to be transformative.  NECTR is a Burning Man Regional event and as such, supports the 10 Principles.  This is a leave no trace event.

2017 will be NECTR’s fourth year!  The event has grown to almost 300 enthusiastic and dedicated participants.  Our event is held during New England’s beloved Autumn season providing a vibrant backdrop for interactive art pieces.

Come participate in the music, art, fire, and performance at NECTR!

NECTR Inc. is a non-profit, participant focused organization that provides an infrastructure for artists and creative individuals to explore and practice their unique form of self expression.  The goal is to create and sustain a participant (volunteer)-driven community that exists outside of the annual event. This infrastructure promotes a gift-based (non-currency) economy where participants are encouraged to share their creativity without leaving a permanent trace.

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