Fire Safety


There are several public campfires and burn barrels for your use around the site.  Please feel free to use these areas in a responsible manner.  Do not leave fires unattended, which means be conservative with how much wood you use.  If you need to leave the fire unattended, please extinguish the fire using the provided bucket o’ water.  Please be conservative doing this as well so the next person isn’t trying to light a fire in a pool of mud. You didn’t leave that bucket empty for the next person, did you?

Try not to use accelerant to light public burn barrels.

You may also use above ground, enclosed fire pits for in areas that have been properly cleared of brush.  The same rules regarding supervision of the fire apply here.

You can find more tips on staying warm in your camp here: Staying Warm at NECTR

Wood has been purchased for the event.  If you would like to use some for your camping area or one of the community fire pits, you may use one of the wheel barrows to cart it to your fire pit. We only ask that you consider donating to offset the cost of the wood!
Please donate HERE: (Suggested donation $15)

Fire Performance

We have two areas designated for spinning.  Most of the other areas of the event will either be crowded trails or in the woods so please stick to your glow toys outside of the burn areas.  We ask that you use a sober safety and store your fuel properly as well. The first area will be in the effigy field and the other near the campfire and art space in the big field.  If you are interested in being part of the pre-effigy fire performance, email us and come prepared to come to a mandatory safety meeting before the burn on Saturday night. 

Flame Effects

NECTR Loves flame effects!  If you’re planning on bringing flame effects or LPG based flaming sculpture to NECTR, please know that this year we will be performing a safety inspection on your delightful devices.  Here’s a link to the technical aspects of what we’re looking for.

Remember, just like in Black Rock City, small handheld devices (generally running off of disposable tanks) are not regulated.  You are responsible for your personal safety and the safety of everyone around you.  Take that seriously.

If you have something that you’d like to bring, and you’re afraid it won’t make the guidelines, please email to discuss!  We’re here to help get your art here safely, not to banish things.

Burning Art

We hope you want to burn some things.  Burnable art comes in lots of sizes.

We have two main burn sites in the NECTRlands:  effigy and temple sites.  If you have other burnable art, it will need to be moved to one of those sites (once they’re unoccupied of course) before burning.  If your piece can be moved safely by a few people, it can go in anytime after the perimeter drops on the effigy.  If it needs daylight and coordination to move, we can burn it Sunday.  Small (no bigger then a keg) art can be burned in a public campfire if done so safely.  Any art destined to be burned or consumed by flames should be primarily made of wood and non-toxic things.

Can’t wait to see what you all set on fire.

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