Volunteer Cores

YOU ARE NECTR!  This is a participant driven event that results from your energy and creativity.  There are many ways to volunteer and these cores are a great place to start.

Each core has at least one dedicated leader who will determine the shifts and specific responsibilities for people on that team before, during, and after the event.  Please sign up for at least one shift!


  • First contact with ticketed and unticketed masses alike.
  • Night watch persons and faithful guardians of the boundaries


  • Greeters are the first face of NECTR as participants arrive – make everybody feel at home – because that’s what it is!
  • Help participants understand the ins and outs that make NECTR unique


  • Help participants park their cars efficiently.
  • Make sure lanes are open to prevent unintentional chaos

Path Signage

  • Creative labels to help you navigate the forest.
  • Execute a vote and/or decide on new alphabetical path names

Trail Lighting

  • Distribute and remove creative trail lighting to help participants navigate at night!
  • Turn lights off in the morning and back on at night

LNT (Leave No Trace)

  • Comb the event to make sure that every beaded bobble, sequin and cigarette butt that you missed when you were doing your LNT sweep gets picked up.
  • Help us to leave the land even better than when we arrived.


  • Keep all participants safe, without impinging on their event.
  • #1 Job: Providing directions to the portos

Fire Safety

  • Maintain perimeters at the two main burns, ensuring participant safety.
  • Coordinate burns during design and build.


  • Providing harm reduction, social & psychological support for our fellow burners.
  • Sanctuary provides a quiet place for those having challenges coping for various reasons.

Effigy & Temple

  • Help support some of the key art for the event by volunteering to build the Effigy or Temple
  • Help is needed with off-site pre-build and pre-assembly, an on-site build day, prepping for burn and for an LNT sweep on Monday morning.


  • NECTR infrastructure before, during and after the event
  • Swing a hammer, saw or weed whacker while helping to clear trails and camp sites, build bridges and a gate shack.

Center Camp

  • Located conveniently near the portos and the effigy!!!
  • Center Camp provides coffee, tea and hot water to the masses at no cost (please bring a cup)