Camps and Art

Theme camps are organized groups providing interactive experiences to the populace (performance, food, workshop, art, etc).  They are also a place to sleep and a group of people to get to know!  Register planned events put on by your camp here.  To apply for funding for temple, effigy, or other interactive art – go here (Applications due July 10th 2017)!

Those organizing camps and/or large art should attend a work weekend in advance to obtain suitable placement.  Camp members must volunteer for at least one work weekend to clear space for individual tents and camp infrastructure.

Registered THEME camps

The following map will provide information on placement (2016).


Awardee Type Title
Charlie Parsons Effigy _____ in the Box
Thomas Drudge Temple Temple of Lost Creatures
Mike Kissinger Interactive (Other) Love and Duty
Emily Harper-Velasquez Interactive (Other) Hungry Hippo Humans
Pretzel Interactive (Other) Laser Trail Lighting
David Fisher Interactive (Other) Reflection Tree
Carl Gruesz Interactive (Other) Glowseats
Dennis Lambe Jr. Fire Art (propane or burn) Fire Ceiling